Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas at the shop

Well...........  It happened.  Christmas bomb.........  Exploded.  At the house and at the pawn shop.  You don't believe me!?  You say November is to early for Christmas?  Tell that to Santa, who starts getting ready for Christmas December 26th.  Anyways here are pictures of the pawn shop.

Candy cane pole!
Probably shouldn't eat it though.

Stick man King Kong.
Holding a yellow woman.
On the candy cane pole.

Stampede!  they're coming out of the walls!

My mom painted that.
She got the idea for the sign from an ornament my grandmother gave me.
The sign says, "Don't shoot!  We work for Santa."

As you can see that sign says "Sale."
Doesn't sale sound weird or looks weird?
If not say it to yourself 100 times then think about it.

Merry Christmas!
As you can see this deer has a fat bottom.
The bumble bee deer!

Half off all silver.
Like the deer holding the sign.

The Christmas tree.
Looks great doesn't it.
That reminds me of something!
My mom still owes me a chocolate malt.
: )

Somebody put a Santa hat on the baseball trophy.
Don't forget about that malt mom!
: )

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