Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween logic

Here is some simple Halloween logic.

1. You know it has been a good Halloween when your bag starts falling apart.

2. Go to the creepy houses...they give the most candy.

3. Use good manners, you'll get bonus candy.

4. Stay away from the houses that have big wooden coffins in their yard.

5. Start early,  you'll hit more houses that way.

6. Try not to go to the same house twice.

7. If you are a boy and somebody calls you a Girl!!!!!  Not pointing fingers at mister person at the court party.  Keep walking, or turn around take off your hood and say with a girly voice thank you sir!!!!!!!!  Or just make him give you more candy. :)
8. Give out Jesus tracks. :)
9. If they say you can have a handful of candy, take a handful of candy.
10. If a man gives you a Hershey bar the size of your head, say thank you sir, at least.
How was your Halloween?
I actually did get called a girl but I was wearing a hood so who can blame him??
I did not turn around and say thank you sir in a girly voice, I just kept walking while Shelby was looking at me like,
"HA - You just got called a girl!!"
I was not happy.
Again, how was your Halloween?

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