Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dead Bird

Who has finished Christmas shopping?  Who is almost flat broke?  Who owes your mom $17?  Me me me!  But the good news is I finished shopping.  And wrapping.  Now all we need to do is bake cookies.  My mom said she is ready for Christmas.  Me too!  But... Christmas without cookies is.... um.... well.... Christmas without cookies!  Now who wants that?  Don't answer that question!  Side bar!!

Last year my mom painted a Christmas tree on the pawn shop windows.  Lets do the math.

Tree Painting + dumb bird = Splat!

Remember the Christmas Windows from last year?  Here's a picture:

I wasn't there.  Here's how it was told to me.  One day everyone was at work and suddenly they heard a "thonk" come from the front window.  When Dad went outside to see what just crashed into the window there was a dead bird lying on the sidewalk below this tree. 

See what I mean?  That's what happened last year.

I still need to get the house pictures up.  Seven days till Christmas.  This year it is flying by fast.  It always takes forever for Christmas to get here.  Not this year.  Seems like yesterday was twenty days till'.  If you can't wait tell yourself this, "It used to be 20 days now it is 7.  You lasted 13 days you can last 7 more."

Merry Christmas,

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