Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Here are pictures for you to view.  Plus revenge of the creeper.  If you are wondering what a creeper is it is a monster from minecraft.  It has four legs and explodes.  It is green and dangerous!  Back to the post.

Creeper revenge!

Now for pictures.

Grammar cat!
No thank you.
I don't like grammar.
Do you?

Hope you like you chicken gritty.
Or how about we have a pot cluck?
Get it? Pot cluck?  Pot luck?

Burn baby burn!
That isn't real fire.
hat is a good thing.
If it were real, hands wouldn't be in it.

"What are you looking at?
They're trying to eat me!"

"Sup' dude?"
"I'm just relaxing on the couch."
Scruffy relaxing on the couch.
Or trying to escape.

This is Sophie sleeping.
Good bye.

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