Tuesday, December 4, 2012


This is a post about deer.

  A few days ago I saw a deer at the chicken coop.  I think it was a buck within the six to eight point range.  I saw it when I was letting the chickens out.  A day or two after that I saw what I think was a doe run off in the woods when I was putting the chickens to bed. I had no idea what it was.  Was it a coyote?  A bobcat?  A Sasquatch?  The boogie man?  It about turned my legs into jelly it freaked me out so bad.  My mom said I had deer fever.  I say it was just terror.

When my dad got back from deer hunting in Grahn, KY he took my littlest sister deer hunting.  It was her first deer hunt.  Unfortunately, they didn't see anything.

Last weekend my dad took my little brother deer hunting, twice.  It was his first time deer hunting.  The first night Cole sat in the woods with dad, took a nap, and got so hungry they had to come home.  They were gone a total of 8 minutes.  Night two they headed out & Cole came back to the house alone after all of 30 minutes.  Dad stayed out and hunted until sun down.   Cole didn't get a deer. 

When my dad was at Grahn he shot a doe.  He saw a four point buck but let it walk.  He let it walk because everybody at deer camp tells him he shoots little deer.  He is more into provide food for the  family than shoot the big deer.  : )

And then there is my two deer that I shot.  The freezer is looking full.


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