Thursday, March 7, 2013

music recital

We had a music recital at Crawdaddy Music.  Me and my sisters each played in it.  I ended up playing 4 songs instead of my original 2.  My music teacher asked me to help him accompany the other guitarists.  As in, I walked in for the recital, ready to play my 2 songs & my teacher recruits me to play 2 more (that I had not practiced).  Yeah. 

Shelby and I did a duet.  We played Victory in Jesus.   Then I played I walk the Line. Shelby also played Spring Song.  Andie played Yankee Doodle and The Talking Clock.  This one kid played what I think is called the Saber Dance which was crazy.  Here are pictures of the recital.

This is me accompanying a girl playing  My heart will go On from Titanic. 
The other song I played back up for was Dust In the Wind.
The old, groovy, dude in the blue shirt is my teacher, Rob Houze.   He is laid back, nice, and throws a good recital.  Mr. Houze is awesome.  I love him.  If you live anywhere near Crawdaddy Music you need to take lessons from Mr. Houze.  Even if you don't live anywhere near Crawdaddy Music you should drive as far as you have to and take lessons from him. 

This is me and Shelby playing Victory in Jesus.

Here is Andie.

This is just Shelby.

This is me and my music teacher playing I Walk the Line
The best part of the recital was probably the food.
When everybody was done playing there was all sorts of junk spread out over 2 tables.
I told my sister to eat before mom gets here, because she is a freak about this stuff.
When mom got there she said not to ruin dinner.
I told her, and I quote, "Too late."

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