Thursday, March 7, 2013

I can fly...sort of

I got my flight simulator on Thursday.  I got it installed and ready to fly with a joystick by Friday afternoon.  I crashed, and crashed, and crashed, and crashed and crashed, and spun out of control and crashed some more.  I tried starting one engine at a time - but would spin out of control before I could turn the other engine on - and CRASH.  After a day of crashing, spinning, and sitting on the run way I figured out how to get the joystick to callabrate & get a plane in the air.  I was finally flying.  I could only figure out how to start two planes - out of about 50 - so I could fly 2 planes.  Flying is easy.  Landing is deadly. 

Flight simulator is fun.

Yesterday, I got the yoke with all the levers and things I needed to start the other 48 planes. The yoke has a throttle that starts the plane.  Now I can push up on a lever and fly!  I also have a button that triggers the pilot ejector seat. 

Last night me, Shelby, Andie, and Cole were playing plane.  I was the pilot.  Ouch.  A cat would have used all of it's nine lives in the first half hour.  Sometimes I would try to crash the plane and use the ejector seat while my siblings crashed.  Mainly what happened is I either hit the wrong button and went with them or they were flying without a pilot when I ejected and the plane "magically" pulled up.  He he he.

Flying, flying....


Happy flying,

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