Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cow love - by Shelby

This is Shelby.
I will be substituting for Parker to tell you about a cow.
Yesterday we went to a dairy farm to meet a cow.  This is Josephina.
Josephina wasn't very nice.  She didn't enjoy children.  And every time we tried to get close to her she would run.   She is on sale because she had mastitis and they can't sell her milk anymore. We all tried to meet Josephina while she ran.  There are 6 of us.  2 of us (Cole and Andie Kay) are bouncy and small and squally - I would run too if I was Josephina.
The owners saw us with their cows and knew Josephina was not the right cow. What we really want is a pet cow that we can milk, hug on and ride.  They brought us 2 more cows to look at.   
This is what Andie Kay wore:

Andie Kay did not wear the right outfit. 
All the cows thought Andie Kay was a salad.  Andie was the only one that Josephina would go near because she wanted to eat her. 

"Can I eat you?"

"Do these taste good?"
At 4:00 its time to bring all the cows to the dairy to be milked.  They all came to the gate.  MOO.

and across the street to the dairy.

Cow Crossing.
The farm owners brought 2 more cows for us to look at. Peppermint and Faith. They were much nicer than Josephina

.  This is My dad by Peppermint.

This is me with Faith!

Faith is pregnant and is supposed to have her calf September 27. 

I can milk!

I can milk with two hands!

In the stall next to Faith was Peppermints Baby.  He is 2 days old and cute.

Here is adorable, fuzzy, baby standing up:

I love cows.  I want a moo.  I love Faith. 

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