Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 Here are pics of our Florida trip.

This is when we went to the beach.
My brother and I, mostly me, dug a big pit in the sand.
I sat in it and filled it in. That was fun.

My sister is out there somewhere.  We had lunch while we were t the beach.
We went with our aunt and cousin.
We had lunch.
Who agrees that seagulls are scary?
My brother and I do.
This one time a few years ago my brother had potato chips on the beach.
The beach had seagulls.
My brother as running and dropping chips all over the beach while sea gulls were chasing him.
He was saying,"They are trying to eat me!!!"
With a bunch of crying and screaming.

This is how much Shelby likes being hugged by me.

Weather me!
That was at the science center.
I remember going to that exact museum when I was like 2.
They had this kids town thing and I have this vague memory of the orange grove.
Amazing they still have it.

This is our picture with a tyranosaurous rex.
Who can spell tyranosaurous Rex?
I had to use auto correct.

This is wonder works.
Otherwise known as the upside down house.

This is the ceiling.  Pretty neat huh?

They had lots of exhibits there. 
My mom laid on a bed of nails while we were there.
Mom said it hurt.
I believe her.
There are over a hundred exhibits at wonder works.
I did an ATV thing where you pedalled to make it run.
One time I went so fast the ATV and I went flying.
I flew off and was going around 129 mph.
I also got bruises on my legs from hitting the wood frame while pedalling.
It hurt.

Well the trip was fun and I'm glad to be back.

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