Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This is just a short little joke my dad made. 

My mom's car needed a new transmission so we got a loaner car to drive.  My dad said it was too nice for us to ride in so he drove it and we got is truck.  My dad and I dropped off the loaner today and when we got in mom's car he said,"Out of the nice clean car and into mom's toxic waste dump."  Imagine a perfectly clean car.  Ok now look at this.

Now multiply what you've seen by ten then go stand in a garbage dump and breathe.
Cameras can't capture the full effect.
Those febreeze comercial cars got nothing on mom's car.
Now you know what my dad meant.
Now think of the kids who did that in a perfectly clean car.
A car you don't even own.
With a TV in the roof.

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