Tuesday, September 9, 2014


New Song has started back up.  That means Tuesdays and Thursdays at the pawn shop.  And blogging.  Today I am babysitting my little sister as I type this.  She is currently reading "Lassie come home."  There was a little error on the My new blog page.  It accidentally sent you to a different site.  But I fixed it.  Yay me.

We have this tall green chair in the kitchen.  This may seem random but the next part is kind of funny.  My cat never gets off of it.  You know, Sophie?  She loves it.  She sits there all day and naps and licks herself and naps....  She loves it.

We have this little Bantam rooster named Shuck.  He is hilarious.  He likes to run behind 4 wheelers.  Don't know why. He just does.  He's been hit twice.  He jumped up in front of the 4 wheeler slammed into the front and went out the back.  He got back up and kept chasing. Goofy bird.


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