Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mom hit an ATV

Ok.  A few day ago my sister and I were playing in the loft of the cow barn.  We used a 4-wheeler to get some stuff up here.  When we came back down I left the 4-w in the driveway.  I thought we would be going back up to the cow barn.  Nope.  We get in the house and mom says we are going somewhere. (I can't remember where.)  So I forgot about the 4-wheeler.  Big no-no.  So mom is backing out of the driveway and we hit something.  Everybody screams.  I think I squeaked.  So Mom is freaking out because she hit the 4-w.  I'm freaking out because I thought Dad was going to kill me.  Mom calls dad and tells him she hit a 4-wheeler.  And she said she didn't think it was anybody's fault. Whew.  Close call.


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