Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dove hunt

 Saturday was the dove shoot.  My aunt and uncle were there from Florida,  We just had a big family get together.  We swam and ate and it was fun.  At the dove hunt I only killed two.  But that is better than nothing.

We got a new calf.  His name is Crumple and he is so cute!  He is a Brown Swiss.  They make really good meat cows.  He is going to get big fast.  We got him from the animal auction.  When we put him in the field with Faith she seemed okay with him and now he is filling out from all that milk.

The chickens are laying up to 6-8 eggs a day. I am so happy!  Now I can sell eggs.  Mom wants me to put away a lot of money this year.  Fun.  huh.


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