Thursday, September 22, 2011


  This is a dove. I have held a real live dove. It had a broken wing because my dad shot it. It had a short fat body, big tail and a little head.   So back to the shot part. It got shot because me and my dad were at a family dove hunt. My dad sent me to get the dove (since Dusty is useless - I'm the retriever).  At first it was freaky because the dove was moving. When I would put my boot on it it would flop.  After 3 minutes of staring at it I finally got the courage to pick up the flopping dove. It was cute.  It was small.  It was injured.  It was also innocent. I took the sweet, little dove to my dad and he pulled it`s head off  and in case you didn`t hear me he pulled it`s head off!!!!!  We had dove for dinner the past two nights.  Tastes like chicken.



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