Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moving roosting bars

 Yesterday my mom and I moved the roosting bars in the chicken coop.  Why you ask?  Because the chickens on the lower roosting bar get pooped on.  We changed them from upper and lower roosting bars - to parrellel bars.  So my mom and I both had to climb into the chicken coop. Earlier that day we cleaned out the coop and put about a foot of straw in the bottom so we had a little cushion between us and the disgusting, nasty, gross chicken poop covered floor.  I would hold the bars up and she would screw the bars in.  One of the bars was almost screwed in so I stopped holding it.  When I let go it came loose and fell.  I was in the way so I got clocked in the head by an angry, poop covered, roosting bar. It was horrible.  Mom was cracking up because she said my head sounded hollow.  I wasn't laughing.  I wasn't doing anything.  I was just sitting in the middle of the smelly, horrible chicken coop while she laughed.   We got the bars moved.  More importantly I got clean.  After I climbed out of the coop I went straight to the shower.  Don't believe me.  Here's the proof. 



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