Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This is just a bunch of random pictures...enjoy!
Hello from the old chickens.

This is what pigeon looks like wet.

Rainy day exercises!  One and two and...

Peekaboo, did I scare you?

Say "hi" to the snowman.

Hi mom.


This chicken was like 5 days old when this picture was taken.

But it is dead now.

This pig wandered into our backyard one day while we were doing school.
This pig used to have a hole in its head.  Now it has two, thanks to Uncle Lee.
It turned out it was a mans very nice pig he had lost a little while before that.

Wupa chupa.
Woopa choopa.

That is Velvet and Scruffy.
"Velvet leave Scruffy's tail alone."

That is all,

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