Friday, January 13, 2012


This is another post about our Christmas tree.  You know how most people take down their tree, put it in a box, or drag it to the curb?  Well, we burnt ours. I even have the pictures to prove it.
This is the tree burning in our fire place. 
This is half of a tree.  Dad used his clippers to clip the branches off the tree.  He cut them off and threw them into the fireplace. 
This is the naked tree.  No branches.  Just trunk

This is the branches burning in the fireplace.  The fire was HUGE.
That side of the whole house was so hot, my dad thought it was going to melt.
The ornaments on the garland above the fire place were so hot you couldn't touch them.
If you did touch them you'd better be prepared to burn your finger.
Happy tree burning,

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