Monday, January 9, 2012

Today, weather and moving

We have had a busy weekend.  My mom and I are going to build some shelves for the multipurpose room.  Not the one I am sitting in writing this post in.  The girls room.  Well, it's not the girls room anymore.  Yeah, confusing right.  To make a long story short.  The girls are moving to my little brothers room.  My little brother is moving into the multipurpose room and the multipurpose room is moving into the girls room.  These are some pictures I took of the moving progress.

This was the multi purpose room but is becoming my little brothers room.

These are pictures of the future multi purpose room.

This is the girls new room.

My dad decided to move everyone into different rooms.  Cole (4 year old boy) had to go through my little sister's room (10 and 7 year old girls) to get to his room.  It was getting very icky.  Cole was sharing a bathroom with the girls and that was also getting icky.  So, now Cole is in his own room that is not on the other side of anyone else's room and is sharing a bathroom with me (whaaaa!).  You may have to come visit us to see what I mean.  So that is the story.  We probably aren't going to build the shelves today, but we will soon.  So back to this weekend.  It was warm, we played outside, it was awesome.   

I'll let you know how the move is going.  So that is the latest interesting update at my house.


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