Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Faith adopted Shelby.  She grooms Shelby.  Hugs her.  Nuzzles her.  All that stuff.  Shelby is about to have a sister or brother.  Cow that is.  She is half sister to a cow.  Weird.  Lets' just stop there.

Did I mention Shelby got a cow?  If you follow www.themilkinparlor.blogspot.com you would know that.  So be sure to visit.

Now I need a cow.
This is Faith.

Faith says hi.
Faith also has a lot of flies.
Shelby loves her cow.
I hate the pigs.
I love the chickens
Willie is molting his tail feathers.
He looks like a colorful egg that crows.
I am going to a birthday party on Saturday.
Something big and sad will happen while I am at the party.
You will hear about it next week.

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