Thursday, September 26, 2013

Grouse the mouse Part 2

Yesterday my mom and I went to check on Grouse.  And we found out a secret. 
Grouse has a spouse! 
 Her name is Gretta.  They also have a son. His name is Bob.  Yep.  Bob.  Brilliant.
We had a confirmed sighting of 3 mice. 
Then Ampro (the exterminator) came out & said there were at least 6 mice living in our outhouse.  Guess Grouse and Gretta have been raising a little family. 
Thanks to Ampro - the mouse community will be moving out.
Good bye Grouse.
Chicken Update:

We had a massive chicken killing.  We got bronchitis from this lay who sold some silkies to us who had bronchitis.  The silkies had bronchitis, not the lady.   Even if you heal the chicken from the bronchitis they are still carriers and other chickens can catch it from the chicken who had it.  The lady who sold us the silkies didn't tell us that the chickens had bronchitis.  So now all my chickens are dead accept for 8.  Pollux, Fluffy, Castor, Lucy, short for Lucifer, Tac, Gandalf, and Turkey.  I was sad.  Luckily, I didn't have to participate. 

Turkey went broody & wanted to be a mom.  I let her sit on her eggs for a couple of weeks but none of her eggs were fertile. We checked her eggs to see if any baby chicks were growing inside them - but there wasn't anything.   So mom and I threw them at trees.  They were rotten or to old.  She still might be sitting on eggs. I don't know.

So that is the latest update.  Me and my sister are going to see a movie with our grandfather.  I am sooooooooo exited!  Currently he will be here in 36 mins.


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