Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dove shoot 2013

I am unhappy to say that we have no pictures.  This is because we forgot to bring a camera. :(  But I can tell you about it.  I shot 9 dove.  Dad shot 13.  When we were packing up our stuff to take to the barn a dove flew overhead.  My dad shot it and killed it.  Then another one flew by.  My dad shot that one too.  I got to pull the heads off of 6 live dove.  The first one was the hardest.  My little brother even did one.  Then my sisters and brother started pulling the heads off of dead dove.  Not as interesting.  We stayed until it was dark out.  One of the best parts were the snacks.  Dinner was good too.  There was BBQ sandwiches, chips, and lots of snacks.  We had cake afterwards.  Then we played in the sunflowers.  When it got dark we had a bonfire.  About 10:00 we went home.


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