Thursday, September 26, 2013


We have a new member of the farm.  Shelby wants to post about this but you snooze you loose.  And she lost.  But I also got the laptop first.  Heh heh.  You probably want to know who Henry is.  Well he is the cutest little fluffiest calf in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

This is Henry.
Henry is the little baby.
My mom said he would gain 2+ lbs. per day.
That's over 75 lbs per month.
That is like 300 lbs. gained by Christmas!
He won't be a little baby then.
He will be over 300 lbs.
That is a big baby.

This is Henry with Faith.
When Henry was first born Faith would not stop licking him.
He was all slimy.
But now he is all fluffy.
Now it is naptime for baby cows.
see ya later,

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