Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Baby Peepers! Again.

Ok so I am at home and I get a call from my mom and she says,  "You might want to prepare for some new guests."  I ask her if they are chickens and she says she got six. 
baby blended

So I go out to the barn to get hay and supplies so we can keep them in the house away from the cold.  I walk in the house.  I see two chick holders.  There should be one.  Turns out Mom got 4 chicks and........  Wait for it..... The suspense......  Is it killing you yet????  Here it is........  2 baby ducks!  Ping and Sonny.  Shelby has Ping and my little brother has Sonny.  I didn't name the ducks.  The duck lovers did.  Ping has adopted Shelby as his mom.  So Ping follows Shelby everywhere. 

Especially since they put a diaper on the duck and let is run around the house.  No offence to you people that put diapers on their fowl but....  Weird.  So the house has been invaded by ducks.  I think baby chickens are cuter.  You decide!

ping 1

Or chicks.

baby chick 3
My cat still isn't sure about the duck.


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