Tuesday, March 3, 2015


We have 6 or more inches of snow outside.  It has been there for over a week.  Now the surface is frozen so we can walk on top of it.  Though it makes chores a little harder.  Like how the ATV gets stuck at every turn!  Ugh.  The chickens are slowly overcoming their fear of snow.  I might just have to go and put them in it.  I did that with one chicken and now she is used to the snow.  1 down 17 to go.

Winter break was last week so we had a laid back week of school, snow, fires, and movies.  Though I am glad that doesn't happen every week.  It is a little overwhelming.  And the -22 degree weather.  Well..... -22 with wind chill.  But still cold enough to give you frostbite.

Crumple and Faith are seperated again.  Crumple is NOT having fun.  We are back to pacing the fence and mooing.  

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