Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Well, farm kids know something that city kids may not know.  They know where food comes from.  Like:  eggs come from chickens.  And milk comes from cows.  And wool comes from sheep.  Guess where chicken tenders come from?  .......... chickens. 

 You know how when you buy a chicken at Walmart it doesn't say "hen" or "rooster" on the packaging?  I think they are roosters.  Here in the country people eat their roosters and keep their hens for eggs.

We brought home 22 chickens this summer.  It is turning out that some of them are making rooster noises and growing combs.  What does this have to do with food?  Here's the thing, hens give us eggs.  Roosters give us (at least around here):  chicken tenders, chicken casserole, chicken pot pie, chicken caccatori, chicken soup. chicken hash, chicken sandwich, chicken salad, chicken tetrazinni, fried chicken, baked chicken, roasted chicken, and grilled chicken!  That sounds good.  I'm hungry. 

Well, the roosters are going to get eaten - by us.  So I am not very happy.  But my mom is going to buy me new chickens for the ones that we eat.  So, now I am OK with it.  One more thing, we still have a hen who seems to be crowing.  It is very weird.


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  1. You wrote this post very well, Parker! Sorry that you have to eat your chickens but I'm sure they'll taste good. We ended up with 4 roosters that we don't want at all, but Mrs. Johnson (the lady that owns the farm) doesn't want to eat the roosters because they're too pretty!


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