Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This weekend was youth weekend.  That means if you are 12 years old or under you could hunt with a rifle for free.  My dad and I spent about 2 days in the tree stand.  Sunday evening My dad and I were out for our third hunt (this weekend).  Just when we were going to leave I poked my dad and said, "deer!"  When I pointed to it he said, "Don`t point."  So I told him where it was.  It took him a couple minutes to find it (because the sun was setting).  A bit after he saw it I started aiming at it with my gun.  It started walking towards us.  It walked into a clear shot area.  I fired.  When I fired my dad wasn`t exactly ready.  He said he saw it jump when I fired my gun.  Dad said deer don`t usually jump unless you hit them.  After a little waiting we went to search for the deer. We couldn't` find it because it was too dark.  So we decided to try to find it in the morning.  My dad asked our neighbor to help us search for it in the morning.  Yesterday morning we searched and searched and searched.  At the end we found some muscle and hair in 2 different places.  But it turns out that I shot low and the deer is still alive...rats.  So that is the story of my deer.
If you need me I will be in our tree stand.


  1. Don't you dare be out there killing the baby deer's mommies. Joking. Maybe next time you hunt you'll shoot something. =)

  2. I'm kinda glad you didn't get it. Poor deer.


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