Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A couple days ago we had a wreck in our peach grove.  It took out one of our neighbors tree and our phone, Internet and electricity wires. It took out the entire telephone pole, so anything that was connected to that pole was laying on 42.  So, nothing coming from wires worked at our house for a day.
 Here are the pictures.
Fire Engine, ambulances, cops, EMT,everyone came out for the occasion.  Even the
Trimble County Sheriff was there.

This is her car.  She said she sneezed and lost control.  I am glad she is OK. 

Here is the half of out telephone that was still standing.

Here is the other half of the pole. 

Here is what is left of the peach tree.
The firefighters had to use some HUGE electric clamps to cut her out of the car.  The car doors wouldn't open & they couldn't get her out of the car without them.
They took her to the hospital.  Her hand was bleeding - but she was walking, alert and seemed OK.

Because the power lines were in the road the traffic was backed up way, way, way, way far away. 

Everything is cleaned up and I think the person in the wreck is okay.
Hope you liked the pictures (I took them).

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