Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fenced in.

A couple days ago we fenced the chickens in the garden.  We did this so my dad could lay down grass seed.  Before that the chickens would eat all his grass seed.  We would try to chase them away from the seed, but when we left they would just come back again for more.  That is a problem.  So that is how they got fenced in. 

UH-OH. Forgot something.  We covered all their escape routes except one.  They are flying over the gate!  But that is not a problem because my dad and I stretched a section of chicken wire across the top of the gate where they were flying over.   The chicken wire starts about 4 1/2 feet off the ground.  So if you open the gate - it is open from the 4 ft point down & straight in front of you there is an evil chicken fence staring at your face. This morning I was leaving the garden minding my own business when I clotheslined my face.  My face was numb for quite some time.  But it is better now.  My mom was in the garden with me.  She ducked.  When my face hit the fence she laughed.  I think Mom is still laughing. 


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