Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pecking at the door.

Here's what happened this morning.  Mom comes in my room and opens my window at 6:50 and says, "Listen to this."  I heard, "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" "Cocadoodledoo" (say that for 30 more minutes).  The sun wasn't even up and the hens were probably miserable in the coop with all that crowing.   It was loud in my room 50 yards away from the Rooster Alarm clock - that doesn't have a snooze button. 

Later, this morning Mom heard pecking at the door.  My mom and I went with my sister to see who wanted in.  Not everyone sees this at their front door.  So we took pictures of them. This is what we saw this morning:

4 Chickens - Do you think they want to hand us Jesus tracks & invite us to church?  That's pretty much the only people who tap at our front door out here.  

This is a wet chicken.  Notice all the curly feathers that usually swoop upward are all sagging.  Also see the spikey, hair-gelled, hair-doo around his neck - all from the rain.

I think this one looks like he's dancing.  "I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain.  What a glorius feeling please let me in your house." 

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