Monday, April 23, 2012

The 2 Stooges go see the 3 Stooges - A day with my grandfather

The other day I went to see the movie the three stooges.  It was funny.  My grandfather said that it was a, "Kill your brain cells movie.  When you come out you will be dumber."  But first we went to Chilis' for lunch.  I had an, "Original bacon cheeseburger without the onions, mayonnaise and pickles.  That thing probably weighed three pounds!  I said, "It would be a miracle if I could eat all of this."  I ate about two thirds of it.  It was good.  Then I started reading the comics in the paper and he asked what I liked.  I said Garfield.  So then we went to the bookstore and he got me two three in one Garfield books.  Then we went to Lowes' and got some tomato plants because something ate his other ones.  After that we went to the hardware store.  Next to it was a Dairy Queen so we got some ice cream.  I had a chocolate malt and he had a vanilla cone.  Then he dropped me of at his house and I was there for the rest of the day.


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