Friday, April 27, 2012

Broody hen

Buff chicken/Goldie is broody. Broody is when a hen starts to incubate some eggs.  The funny thing is, that she isn't big enough to cover them all.  So we aren't collecting her eggs.  I won't be making money on my egg business for a while.  Little miss broody is all stretched out on everyones' eggs.  She only comes out in the morning to get some water and a snack.  I am hoping that the eggs are fertilized.  Without the roosters the eggs might not be fertilized.  I can't sell the eggs anyways so it's worth a shot.  I hope the eggs are fertilized.  We are going to let the mom raise them.  Here are some pictures of chickens.
"Get off me!"

She isn't big enough to cover all the eggs.

See what I mean?

These are our other little chickens.
They love to hang out in the barn.


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