Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bath time!

Do you know how chickens take baths?    The reason chickens take dust baths is to keep their feathers clean of bugs and their skin healthy. They have made baths in my moms flower pots, by the house and next to the fire pit.  First they make the bath.  Then they roll in it like a dog.  And last they stand up and shake out all the dirt.  Their feathers and skin are now clean.  It is fun to watch chickens take dust bathes.  Here are 4 steps to making a good dust bath.  And if you don't make one your chickens will.  So either way your chickens get a dust bath.
1.  Clear out grass in an area of your choice.

2.  Cover in manure.

3.  Put chickens in bath.

4.  Watch and laugh.
4. Watch them run away.

Here are some pictures of our chickens bathing.

This is Blacky, Spark and Polly.
Taking a bath in my moms' flower pot.

That was as close as I could get.

This is all of them bathing in manure!

Still more chickens in manure.


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