Monday, April 23, 2012

Coles' big day

Cole learned how to jump on our swings to go higher.  Bad idea.  These are not normal swings.  My dad used a ladder and his climbing ropes to get our swings up into the tree.  When we swing on them we get the butterflies and can get really high.  So while he was doing that he missed landing on the seat a couple of times and went flying into the air holding on for dear life to the rope.  He did not get hurt on the swing. 

Here are pics of him on the swing.

We have a small 4-wheeler that Cole loves to ride but he can't reach the brakes.  If Cole wants to stop he lets off the gas and runs into the nearest thing he thinks can support the crash.  Yes, he wears a helmet.  My dad decided that Cole should know what to do if he accidentally starts sailing down the hill in our back yard.  With no brakes.  Our hill is great for sledding.  It is even good for sledding in the summer.  That's how steep it is. So, my dad sent Cole down Mount Everest (with no brakes). He didn't get hurt. 

This is Mount Everest and the 4 wheeler.

So he swung into orbit and didn't get hurt.  He rode down Mount Everest without brakes, and didn't get hurt. 

Then he slips in the bathroom and bonks his head in the bathroom.  He had to sit around with an ice pack on his head for the rest of the night.


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