Friday, April 27, 2012

Fatto boids

We have these big fat meat chickens in the barn.  They are a pain in the butt.  I am constantly having to feed and water them.  Morning and night I give them food and water.  They eat like they have never eaten before. There is always a food rush.  Instead of survival of the fittest it is survival of whoever-can-cram-the-most-food-in-their-mouth-in-the-shortest-period-of-time.  They are so fat they barely even move around.  You are not supposed to let meat chickens free range.  You're supposed to keep them caged in by the feeder so the meat will not be tough (and purple).  My dad says they don't know how to walk.  We had to take them all out of the coop so we could clean the cage.  Boy did it stink.  Next time I need to wear a gas mask. 

Cole was put in charge of guarding the door to the barn so none of the meat chickens could escape.  We didn't know that they couldn't walk.  No one needed to guard the door because they didn't even attempt to move.  When one was trying to stand up in almost fell on it's face it was so fat.  We stuck two of them in a dog cage because the small coop was getting too small.  Wait, maybe the chickens were getting too big.   They probably need more food now.  Ugh.   We call the two in the dog cage the condo-balls and the others the basketballs.  Here are some pictures.

These are the basketballs.

And these are the condoballs.

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