Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Well....  The title says it all.  We are getting a Jersey cow.  All we currently have right now is a work-in-progress fence.  And a cleared out cow pasture that used to be a peach grove.  Yep.  Cow...  My sister is pumped.  She loves cows.  Not loves cows.  Not loves cows.  But Loves cows.

This is a Holstein.  The next one
is a jersey.  The ones on the
bottom are Jersey babies.
Hopefully the cow isn't as friendly as my chickens or else we will be getting trampled.  Think about it.  Little friendly chicken.  Giant 1,000 pound cow.  Ouch.

The cow also means cream, butter, milk, butter milk, and cheese.  Good food.  Chickens and a cow.  I am actually getting between 7 to 11 eggs a day.  Wait until Summer.  Egg production goes down in the winter.  In summer I might be getting 21 or more eggs a day.   Yay!  Wait until Summer.  I'll have eggs coming out my ears.   I heard a comedian talk about the Chick-fil-a chicken egg biscuit.  If I remember correctly he said,"As if naming a restaurant after you isn't enough I'm going to eat you and your unborn fetus too.

Happy egg collecting,

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