Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fly a......

Well.  I am thinking of taking flying lessons.
Yes to get a pilot's license.  I need to get taller first so I can reach the foot things (also called rudders).  Tuesday I ordered a flight simulator and all the things that make it work.  Fun.  When you want to get a pilots license there are stages.  There is your sport license.  That is where you are liscensed to just fly around.  Then there is private flying.  Then a teaching (flight instructor) liscense.  And above all is the commercial license.  That is the hardest one to get.  You need a Commercial Liscense if you want to be a pilot for an airline.  I am only trying to get a sport license for now.  The lessons are pretty pricey though.  $120 per lesson with the instructor. Renting the plane is the expensive part (it is $90 per hour).  The cost for a 1 hour lesson from the instructor is only $30.   I have to have 20 hours of that.  Once the instructor clears me to fly alone I have to fly alone 10 hours to get my sport license.  There is an airport not far from where we live that offeres lessons.  The only instructor there is......ummmm.  Well lets just say my mom thinks he is 110 years old. :-)  I'm gonna get up there a few hundered feet above ground and hope the instructor doesn't have a heart attack.  I'm going to practice landing as soon as I get my flight simulator. 


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