Thursday, February 21, 2013


My little sister gave us all new names.  In church 2 weeks ago we were waiting to give our speeches and we were all nervous wrecks.  It was "I love my church" Sunday.  Some of the kids were asked to tell why they loved their church.  Shelby, Andie, me, and some other kids got the pain of having to give a speech in front of the entire congregation.  To top it off, after the speeches Shelby and I were playing a song.  We were freaked out, chicken, nervous, our insides were mush.  So, as were sitting there in our jello-ified state Andie Kay gives us all new names. 

Shelby is "Strawberry"
Andie is "Apple"
Mom is "Cantaloupe"
Dad is "Mango"
Cole is "Corn"


I am "Pork"

This is funnier if you know that a new lady came to our church last year.  When I met her she asked me what my name was.  I said "Parker."  She said, "Porker?"  I said, "Parker."  She said, "Porker?" Then I said, "PARKER........P-a-r-k-e-r."  Who would name their kid "Porker?"

Introducing the new name system.  This chart will tell you what your name is in food or random objects.  Just match the letter with the first letter of your name.:-)

A.  apple

B.  banana

C.  cantaloupe, corn

D.  dog chow

E.  elephant ear

F.  fertilizer

G.  grapes

H.  hat

I.  icee

J.  jelly

K.  kumquats

L.  lemon

M.  mango

N.  nut

O.  orange

P.  pork

Q.  quilt

R.  radish

S.  strawberry

T.  tarnish

U.  umpire

V.  venison

W.  water

X.  xylophone

Y.  yak

Z.  zebra


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