Tuesday, February 12, 2013

catching chickens

OK, who knows how to catch a chicken.  It's not that easy.  Some people try to chase the chicken so they can catch it.  Only works if the chicken is fat.  Or if the chicken is friendly.  Or if the chicken wants to mate with you.  Then there are people who try to call the chicken to them and grab it.  This strategy can also be a big bust,  unless the chicken is friendly and thinks you have food.  Then it will happily come over for some food.  But even then it can be hard to get your hands on the bird.  So, from my experience,  this is how you catch a chicken.

My Way:

1.  Distraction.

You might try to put some feed down or divert its attention with a bug.  Your best chance of catching the chicken is if its head is down.

2.  Ready. 

Now, take your stance behind the chicken.  Look around and make sure no protective roosters are in the area.  (My rooster Big Red is scary.  If he thinks you are going to get one of his girls he charges you.  If you are holding a screaming, flapping hen by the tail feathers he attacks. )

3.  Grab.

That simple, grab, hold and try not to let go.  If it is a hot summer day you might try this to cool off.  Sometimes the chicken will crazily freak out and turn into a mess of a squawking fan. If you hold on too long and Big Red is around, it will turn into a  mess of (1) a squawking, flapping, panicking hen, (2) a charging, attacking, protective  rooster and (3) a feather eating, surrendering, running human being.  Ow.  After that the hen might not lay an egg for days.  (I don't actually know.  Its just funny.)

The Books Way:.

1.  Fashion a hook at the end of a straightened coat hanger.  Make the hook small enough to just go around a chickens leg. 

2.  Throw down a pile of chicken feed.

3.  From behind the chicken, hook the leg & pull the chicken to you.  Grab chicken.

Shelby's Way:

Run screaming after the chicken and hope it wants to mate. 


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