Tuesday, February 12, 2013

hungry chickens

Who knows what it is like to try to walk in a pool of chickens?  OK.  Who knows what it is like to walk in a pool of hungry chickens?

Me, me, I do, I do.
You think you can easily just stroll through that maze of birds?  NO
Try to get through my maze of chickens.
It's extremely difficult.
Some times I accidentally step on them.  Not on purpose.

I am getting these pictures from the Internet.
While I was looking for a flat chicken picture I found this......
Punk rock rooster.


In the morning, first I let my chickens out of the chicken coop.  After they crazily pour out of the the big, green, chicken coop they surround me looking for breakfast.  Breakfast is served in the compost bin so that there is not a huge mess of slop all over the ground.  My 4 yard walk from the coop to the compost bin takes 2 hours because I am avoiding stepping on my chickens.  (not really 2 hours). 

Chickens all around my feet.  Wait I have feet?  Well not when I feed the chickens.
I try to run to the compost bin,
I try to walk to the compost bin.
So, I shuffle to the compost bin.
They are every where!
One time my Rhode island red rooster, Big Red, pecked me.  But that was a long time ago.
Now if you'll excuse me I have to go do math.


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