Thursday, May 16, 2013

School is out

We are done with school.  Today all I have to do for school is read, blog, and guitar.  Big fun.  I lost my i pod but my dad had one come through the pawn shop.  So he bought it for me and gave it to me for helping him with the mowing.  Boy am I glad.  In time for Fripp island too.  So now I need music and videos. 

For my birthday I got a Carrera RC jeep with a 2.5 kg. towing capacity wench.  It's a big jeep about the size of my brothers torso.  It's a remote control vehicle.   This thing is fast!  It can go up to 13 mph.  It can even go in gravel, dirt, and thin glass.  What else is going on?  The cow barn got painted I need pictures of that. And the run-in is painted too.  I'll be sure to get you some pictures.   We are still a ways from being ready for our cow but we are getting closer.


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