Thursday, May 16, 2013


Well.  Buff is broody.  That means she sits on eggs all day and pecks you if you try to take them out from under her.  Makes collecing eggs a sporting event.  Spark and Polly gave up on that a week or two ago.  Buff still comes out to feed though.  Some of the babies are starting to understand "chick- chick". 

"Chick - Chick" is how I call the chickens whenever I feed them.  When they hear me - they usually come running/ flying/ flapping.  The babies don't really come though.  I think that is because they know he big ones are mean.  We lost Crow.  Crow was my sisters jersey giant baby.  The dog played with her to death.

 My babies are Gandalf, who I think is a silver laced Wyandotte.  Tiny the Jersey giant.  Pollux the feather footed chicken with the torn up back.  Invisible under his wings.  And Castor the yellow chick.  Willie is doing good. He isn't so wimpy an more.  But he's still not at the top of the pecking order.  But he sure is pretty.

The silver laced Wyandottes are my friendliest chickens.
Don't ask me why.
They just are.

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