Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cells n' stuff

I am now going to give you my opinion on cells.  You're probably like, "Great he's going to blah blah blah this and that and....."  Wrong.  This is my opinion.  "I can't see them, I don't care about them, therefore they do not exist in my world."  I wish I could tell my science book "I DON'T CARE!!!!!!"

The cow barn is going up today.  This morning it was a pad of cement.  I wonder what it will look like tonight?

I finished math for the year.  Hooray!

I'm 13 now.  If you make ANY smart remarks I am never speaking to you again.  You should have been at church last week.  Apparently teenagers are dumb.  It was not nice.  Sheesh.  That made me feel warm and cozy.

I hate aging.

I can read a 300 and something page book in like 13 hours.  When I told my mom she asked me how late I stayed up that night.  I didn't really answer.  11:00.  Not to bad right?  Right?  Never mind.


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