Thursday, May 16, 2013

cow barn

 The cow barn is up.  Shelby loves it.  She is even going to pay to have the loft carpeted.  Yesterday mom, dad, and more went to Lowes to get sink and other things needed to finish the barn.  I had to mow.  Again. 

My least favorite thing about mowing is you have to do it every week.  That means I have to mow the peach field and cow pasture and septic field every week.  My dad helps though.  And for that I am grateful.  We haven't had a lot going on.  New song graduation is soon. The day after that we are going to Fripp island with friends.  Fripp.  Fripp sounds like a cuss word doesn't it?  Like,"aw fripp."  Weird.  It's a good substitute right?  Here are pics of the barn.

This is the unfinished, unpainted barn.

More barn.

And more barn.

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