Thursday, May 23, 2013


Well.  I have very strange chickens.  We had a strange egg situation.  If you want to see the pics of it, here they are.
See any difference?  The little egg on the left is the size of a quarter!
I have no idea who laid it.  I thought maybe a baby but probably not.
Maybe the hen pushed it out to soon?

Notice the difference?
Kind of obvious.
The one on the right is tiny.

Told you it was the size of a quarter.
How about that for breakfast.
Not much of a feast there.

This is a normal egg.
This is what all you people eat.
Unless I sell you eggs.
Then you eat meat spots and baby embryos.

This is the half-dollar egg.
The second smallest.

This is the "weencie" one.
The one that was the size of a quarter.
My little brother came up with weencie.
Happy egging,
Tomorrow we are going to Fripp.

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