Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ho hum

Well......  Um.....  We moved the baby chickens into the coop.  They had no Idea where the door was so I had to go in the coop and pitch them out the chicken door.  They all went into a nesting box in the corner.  The nesting box was already inhabited by a broody hen.  Boy did she ever get stepped on.  It took me a while to figure out she was in there.  She was buried under 12 baby chickens.  Every once in a while she would peck a baby and it would scream and run out of the nesting box.  So now they are out and happy.

I mowed some of the peach grove yesterday.  And some of  the septic field.  But my mower needs a new air filter for the carburetor.  I used to like mowing.  Not any more.

One day the cats dropped off a mouse head in the garage.  When I imitated it and did a dead mouse face mom thought it was really funny and started having my siblings do it.  I have pictures of it.  Mine will not be on here.  I refuse to have it on the Internet.
Dead Mouse (without a body)

Dead mouse face.

Dead mouse.
Notice the organs in the corner?

Dead mouse face.
Or is he asleep?
I don't know.

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